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You can earn coins with CRO. Cryptô App LóGiñ exchange also offers more advantages, and there are more than 60 cryptocurrencies available on the platform. Here are the steps to Sign up, sign in, download, trade, and verify your Crypto com login account by visiting the Cryptô.cóm LóGiñ website.

Steps to Sign Up for Cryptô.cóm LóGiñ

Follow these step-by-step processes to sign up to your Crypto account:

§    Open a web browser and type Cryptô.cóm LóGiñ in the URL box.

§    After that, hit the Enter key on the keyboard.

§    Then, scroll down and tap the Go to Cryptô Exchange option from the webpage.

§    Tap the Sign-Up option in the top right corner.

§    Enter the basic details and tick the checkboxes.

§    Finally, tap the Create Account tab.

Steps to Sign in for Cryptô.cóm Lógiñ

Follow the given instruction to Sign in to your Cryptô.cóm LóGiñ account:

● Open your browser and visit the Cryptô.cóm LóGiñ website.

● Click on the three dots and select Crypto Exchange Home option.

● Select the Login option from the menu.

● Then, enter your Email address and password.

● Then, tap the Sign-in button.

● Finally, type in your crypto login account details and press Enter.

Steps to verify your Cryptô.cóm LóGiñ account

Verification of Cryptô.cóm LóGiñ account requires two steps:Account Upgradation:

● Visit the Cryptô.cóm LóGiñ page and log in to your account.

● Then, open the My Account menu.

● Select the Upgrade your account option.

● Type in your First and Last name.

● Finally, tap Continue to proceed further.

ID Verification:

● Select the type of your ID from the list.

● Take an image of yourself holding a notepad with a date and Cryptô.cóm LóGiñ written on it.

● Select the Overall Submission option from the menu.

● Finally, check the verification status under your Crypto login profile.


How do I reset the Cryptô.cóm LóGiñ password?

Follow these instructions to reset your Crypto login account password:

● Open a secure browser and visit the Cryptô.cóm LóGiñ page.

● Select Forget your Password from the login menu.

● Then, enter your email address and tap Submit.

● Open the link sent to the mail address.

● Finally, set a new password for your Crypto login account.

● Use your new password to log in.

Note: Depending on the information you have verified in the Cryptô App LóGiñ, you may need to verify your account further. Verifying your account on the Exchange will also verify your account on the App.

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